Saturday, September 15, 2012

{je danse avec une lampe.}

Fedora-Orange County Swap Meet | Sunglasses-vintage | Denim Shirt-vintage from Mom | Striped Tank-Nordstrom BP. | Belt-vintage from Grandma-remarkably similar here | Pinstripe Shorts-Gap | Gray crochet socks-vintage from Mom | Once Again Watch-Swatch | Trouve Laceless Oxfords-Nordstrom

Meet my new dance partner, Monsieur Lampe.

Andy Warhol's 50th Anniversary Campbell's Soup Cans at Target! I want to buy one of each color just to  hoard them in my pantry, take pictures of/with them, and basically admire them for the rest of time.

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  1. Love your style! So simple and relaxed, but the little layer of sock beneath the lace-ups totally complete the look.

    P.S. Andy Warhol is my favorite pop artist, and I'm loving the recent sweep of Warhol-inspired product. The soup cans are such a novelty, and the new makeup line is going to kill.


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