Thursday, September 19, 2013

Falling for You

My boots have edged their way out of the closet, pumpkin spice beverages have returned to Starbucks, and I can almost smell the autumn chill in the air.

You know what that means.

Fall fashion has returned!

     I know they seem a little impractical (and maybe a tad sweaty), but I really want a pair of real leather skinny pants. Not leather look leggings, not coated or waxed cotton twill jeans. I want real leather that will last forever in a classic skinny jean style. Unfortunately, real leather pants (skinny or otherwise) tend to be way, way upwards of $200, and I don't even really want to spend that much.

     However, I did find one pair that seems (somewhat) reasonably priced: the Lucky Brand Charlie Skinny, which were originally $699 but are now on sale for $179.98 (marked down again since there's an additional 40% off for the next two days). The only caveat? This pair is red, instead of the preferred classic black. However, for such a great markdown, I may just consider them...

...Then again, what with sales tax and all the total will be about $200. What do you guys think? Do you like leather skinny pants, or do you think I've just succumbed to a bad bout of fall fashion fever?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back to the Stone Age: The History of Uggs

Fashion trends, like history and my ancient film professor, tend to repeat themselves. Since the modern world has the long attention span of a 3-year-old with ADD, we have grown tired of the most recent decades. The latest fashion trend has gone way, way back: specifically, to the Stone Age and the Ugg boot.
Contrary to popular belief, the Ugg boot is not a recent invention. It is a truth universally acknowledged by all respectable historians that the first word ever spoken by cavemen was “Ugg.” Thus birthed the name of the most fashionable shoe in modern history.
Back in the Stone Age, Uggs were made by skinning wooly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, and sewing the pelts together with needles made of the horns of Horsus unicornius. Since we have hunted all of those animals to extinction, we now can only slaughter sheep and metal porcupines.
But how did the Ugg boot return to the modern spotlight? In the early 1960s, an ice fossil was unearthed from the Blue Mountains of Australia (or New Zealand, it’s still a highly contested fact). Within this fossil was proof that sample sales have existed since the dawn of time: encased in the ice, a carefully preserved pair of cavewomen fought over a single boot. But it was not just any boot. It was an Ugg made from the softest rare Smilodon fur, which sparkles in the sunlight like diamonds and incidentally inspired Stephanie Meyer to create Edward and his brood.
Uggs, however, are just the start. This fashion columnist predicts the next fashion trend will be nudity, imitating the style of our very first ancestors.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Walk in the Past

Yesterday afternoon, our family spent the day rummaging cleaning out our great-aunt and -uncle's house, as my grandpa, who used to live there, is moving back to San Francisco full time. This allowed the older kids present (my cousin Meghan and I) to explore the previously unvisited, mysterious Upstairs. 
And boy, it did not disappoint.

Rooms with vintage floral wallpaper and walk-in closets and steamer trunks and vintage newsboy caps. Old luggage and wool and fur coats and a perfect matching set of twin beds and a vanity. Retro heels, some still new in box and nestled in tissue paper, unworn, and the loveliest vintage purses and dresses you ever did see. 
It was a vintage lover's dream.
Unfortunately I don't have photos of it all--I didn't come prepared, as my mom, aunt, and cousins swept me up from my dorm room and whisked me off to lunch as soon as I awoke (to be fair, I had been up until 5 the previous night, and woke up at 12, but that's a story for another time). Over the course of the day, we snacked constantly, explored extensively, divvied up clothing and purses, and even managed to put on a lengthy fashion show, in which my Auntie Lea suggested dresses; I modeled my great-aunt's aforementioned dresses; my grandpa told me I looked smart and to take them all; and Meghan begrudgingly snapped a few pics.

My Great-Grandfather Henry's newsboy cap | His luggage | My Great-Aunt Katherine's dress, purse, and heels | My Great-Uncle Bill's belt

I ended up taking home the above muted chartreuse dress; the purse; the belt; a slightly oversized gray and magenta houndstooth wool shift (it actually looks pretty modern couture); a super mod hot pink statement sleeveless shift with big pink buttons all down the left side of the back; and a black dropwaist pleated dress with a matching black, ecru, and celadon striped blazer. Each piece is so perfectly vintage and unique in its own way, yet I can definitely see designers today being inspired by the silhouettes of the past. I can't wait to wear them! 
I absolutely love exploring and trying on vintage clothing, especially when it once belonged to my relatives. Exploring the old house made me feel as if I were walking straight into bygone days, walking back into decades past where the times were simpler and fashions more modest. Wearing my relatives' old things makes me feel as if I have some sort of connection with them, and makes me wonder at the stories stashed in their--and their clothing's--pasts.

Updates on Life, aka Fresh Perspectives via Sarah

Long time no talk, faithful followers. In the interim of my absence, I have:

a) become a suffering college freshman
b) acquired a new pair of Frye Melissa Harness boots in Brown
c) acquired my first pair of Current/Elliot jeans--the High Rise Skinny in Bluebird
d) acquired a bunch of new clothing. Let's be real here, the list is way too long.
e) analyzed my campus's style and found it lacking.
f) found many fashion things with which to be enamored with.

So without further ado, I present to you my wish list shamelessly, just in case you feel like presenting the anguished new college freshman with a congratulatory, consoling gift.

Let me first preface this listing (or follow it up, at least, since it's a little late for prefacing) with the statement of my complete distaste towards Uggs--I mean, ugh is even in the name. I've even written a satirical article for my high school newspaper about how much I despise them (perhaps I'll post that next). 
However, I like to believe that everyone, and every brand, has some redeeming qualities, and I think I've just found Ugg's. These oxfords have a gorgeous patina and timeless style. They're one pair of Uggs I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in. 
Also, I have a completely irrevocable adoration of oxfords.
Moving on.

Image via Lady Katherine Sims.
2) Socks from Hansel from Basel-$3-39

Here's the thing. I love socks, but I don't like wearing them. If I do wear socks, they must be patterned or fun or textured, or otherwise complementary to my outfit. Hansel from Basel fulfills all of those prerequisites, and how fun would any of these be peeking out from oxfords?

3) Dusen Dusen Maps Collared Dress

Unfortunately, this is out of stock at Anthro and Need Supply Co. and wherever else they were selling it T^T But I still can--and will--hold out hope that one day... this baby will come into my possession. One day.

There's obviously a bunch more stuff on my wishlist (hello, active and zealous consumerism!) but I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Plus, these are pretty pricy pieces, so if y'all wanted to pool your money I wouldn't mind. ;)

I apologize in advance; outfit posts may be a little scarce--I have yet to find a doting slave willing photographer here at college. 

Thanks for sticking around anyway <3