Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is just to say

I haven't been posting many looks because I'm away at college and don't have my camera (even though I do have outfits I want to show y'all, because I've been creative, layering with socks and vintage jackets and dresses with reckless abandon!). You can take a gander at my Pinterest boards here if you still want some of my sartorial influence (heh, heh. Anyone? ...Anyone? Okay then...)--recently, I've been pinning most onto Outfit Inspo and Black Bootie Outfits. And fear not, my loyal readers, I actually update my Pinterest boards daily! ...A lot, actually, as I seem to have a lot of downtime at random times of the day/night. (Or maybe I'm just using my study time incorrectly. I dunno.)

Regarding actual blog updates, howeverrrr, I'm coming home for Thanksgiving Break tomorrow night (!!), returning here Sunday (boooo TT___TT), and then after a week of finals, I'm home free for Christmas and a month of Winter Break! I absolutely cannot wait--expect many pictures then, hopefully, if I can find time between all the activities and food and family time ^__^b

Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to Style Adidas Slim Track Pants

This post is for my sister Naomi, who wanted to know how to style her Adidas Slim Track Pants and not look schlubby. Below is a collection of images from the web, compiled by me in one handy dandy post. Please note, none of these images are mine and proper sourcing can be found via Google.