Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is just to say

I haven't been posting many looks because I'm away at college and don't have my camera (even though I do have outfits I want to show y'all, because I've been creative, layering with socks and vintage jackets and dresses with reckless abandon!). You can take a gander at my Pinterest boards here if you still want some of my sartorial influence (heh, heh. Anyone? ...Anyone? Okay then...)--recently, I've been pinning most onto Outfit Inspo and Black Bootie Outfits. And fear not, my loyal readers, I actually update my Pinterest boards daily! ...A lot, actually, as I seem to have a lot of downtime at random times of the day/night. (Or maybe I'm just using my study time incorrectly. I dunno.)

Regarding actual blog updates, howeverrrr, I'm coming home for Thanksgiving Break tomorrow night (!!), returning here Sunday (boooo TT___TT), and then after a week of finals, I'm home free for Christmas and a month of Winter Break! I absolutely cannot wait--expect many pictures then, hopefully, if I can find time between all the activities and food and family time ^__^b

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