Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cupcakes and Cords

Upon my rescue return from college on Wednesday, I was treated to a shopping trip at Palo Alto, and a box of Sprinkles Cupcakes the next day. 

This is how I know my parents love me.
(Kidding, of course.)

The Matchstick is a perennial favorite cut of jeans and cords, although the sizing seems like it can be a little iffy. In any case, these navy cords will be a perfect addition to my fall/winter arsenal. 

Lemon for Mommy, Triple Cinnamon with Cinnamon Cream Cheese for me, Lemon for Naomi, Peppermint Chocolate for Daddy (who promptly began to pluck off the peppermint. Humbug. I ate half of his and he ate half of mine because apparently it is a well-known fact he does not like peppermint candy, but no one says no to cream cheese frosting.)

As far as cupcakes go, Sprinkles are delicious but I don't think I would say they're the best. I enjoy a denser cake base, so I think I would say Baked and Wired in D.C. is slightly superior. They also have much larger cupcakes for a much cheaper price, a wonderful and delicious bargain to which I say, being Asian, I cannot help but be partial to.

Of course, I can't reasonably get Baked and Wired as often considering we're on the West Coast, so Sprinkles will have to do. I'll take what I can get. ;)

Anyway, expect more posts soon as we embark on the daunting and wondrous journey we call Christmas Break!

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