Friday, December 20, 2013

Do Try This at Home

Random day last week where Nay and I discovered we were wearing cute outfits and decided to do a mini photoshoot in the downstairs room, which was lately left bereft of its ping pong table (sad face. We're gifting it to the grandparents). Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the zany shoot:

Prerequisite creepy/dramatic picture. Please disregard the hazy colored shapes of hastily blotted Nerf Guns in the closet. Instead, feast your eyes on that lovely little lantern. It is the Pottery Barn Malta Lantern--we have several in different sizes, but I believe that one is the large. Go quick, they're on sale!

Perfect lighting + homemade terrarium = awesome.

 We then moved outside to the deck:
Yes, I did blink. Yes, I still think it looks good enough to post.

Dem legs doe. 

The wonderful dress and shoes are from my mom's cavernous closet. Things go in but rarely come out until years later.  I removed the shoulder pads and might take in the shoulders a bit because they're actually an awkward capsleeve length. I was considering leaving the shoulder pads in, but was innocently told I looked like a linebacker (yeah, no).

DIY Flower Crown | Forever 21 Basic Long Sleeve | Vintage All That Jazz Drop Waist Polka Dot Dress | Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody in Black Leather | Target TightsDollar Tree Socks | Vintage Banana Republic Platform Sandals

Really proud of this shot too. My photo game was on par today, as was my sister's model game. 

BDG Chambray | AG Adriano Goldschmied Stevies in Hunter Green | Nordstrom Nerd Glasses | Vans Original Classic Authentic in Black

I'm sure you'll be seeing more of us shortly! Lots of time for photoshoots coming up as Nay finishes up her finals this week :)

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