Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Throwback... Even though it's not Thursday.

I could've sworn that I already uploaded this pic along with a few others. However, I couldn't find them in the archives. Which means I either accidentally deleted them, or actually did not ever upload. Hmm. If I already did upload, my apologies. I'll keep it short. Here's me sort of reading a magazine.

Plaid Jacket-Nordstrom | Vintage chambray | Bottle green cords-Forever 21

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chinese New Year Shoot!

So, I was looking back in the archives and realized I had posted a picture of Naomi from the waist down, promising to upload the whole Chinese New Year shoot later.

Apparently, I meant a whole lot later.
So here it is, finally.

Aqua Stripe Tee-Bloomingdale's | Skinny Skinny Ankle Cords in Fireplace Red-Madewell | Black Tom's

Necessary Objects Blazer-Nordstrom | Alternative Apparel Tank Top-Karmaloop | Vintage belt from Grandma-remarkably similar here Once Again Watch-Swatch | Nurture Mary Janes-Dillard's

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to be cool...
(Is it working?)

I've made my bed and now I'm laying in it.

Let's hang out sometime.

(Okay, that was pretty morbid humor. She's just jumping in the air.) 

Cheery cherry blossoms.

Vintage Bandolino woven flats that used to be my great aunt's. ^_^