Monday, November 17, 2014

eShakti Preview!

Psst! We have an eShakti collab under wraps! ^__^

Once I get home from college (or perhaps after finals, if we're being more practical/realistic), we'll do a whole shoot and review :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Both Your Hands in the Holes of My Sweater

Recent photoshoot my sister and I did when I was home a few weeks (or was it months?) ago. Man, time sure flies...

Vintage sweater | Madewell Shrunken Boyshirt in Maps | GAP Camouflage Skinnies | Fjallraven Kanken | GAP Charcoal Knee High Socks | Sam Edelman Booties

Anyway, we have an extensive collection of vintage sweaters, so we're both excited that it's finally time for sweater weather!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leather Weather

Once again, it's that time of year where I begin to crave leather jackets, along with the usual yearning for yarn (aka sweaters, the stranger/uglier/bulkier the better) and corduroy pants (preferably in a variety of hues and wales). I previously wrote a post about leather jackets back in June 2013 (no, I don't know why I wrote it during the summer either), but as it's been awhile I figured I'd throw out a few more sumptuous options I've been considering/slavering over.

This year, I'm all about leather moto jackets. I have a couple faux leather jackets already lingering in my closet--a bomber style from Nordstrom and a shearling lapel moto style c/o Lucca Couture from a few years ago--but they're both years old, and a black, real leather moto style with an asymmetrical zip front has been on my wishlist for years.

The most affordable leather jacket on my list is the Wyatt Black Quilted Leather Padded Shoulder Moto Jacket. For some reason, I really love quilting on leather moto jackets, provided it's not too bulky or cumbersome; the quilted details add intriguing, pleasingly symmetrical focal points--and additional warmth as an added bonus.

However, while the Wyatt Moto Jacket is the cheapest on my list, I'm a tad bit concerned because I can't find any reviews. In fact, this jacket seems to only be available at Bluefly. Now, exclusive lines don't bother me per se, but the ideal brand I had in mind would be well-reviewed and/or known for good quality leather jackets, and would have at least a few customers sounding off about the fit and durability. With that in mind, I set out to find an affordable, yet slightly-more-loved option.

So, after a few hours of feverish searching, comparing, and image searching, I found my most likely contender, which is...

...The Muubaa Abila Quilted Biker Jacket! I love the quilting around the arms and shoulders, as well as the button collar, waist buckles, asymmetrical zip, and side pockets. (Side note: I can't believe there are a bunch of leather jackets out there that don't have side pockets--isn't half the point of a leather jacket to keep you warm?) Additionally, all the reviews I've read seem to say that Muubaa, a UK brand established in 2007, is a celeb and consumer favorite (various bloggers, along with the likes of Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Ashley Benson, Avril Lavigne, Miranda Kerr, a bunch of models, etc.) and is worth the splurge.

Muubaa Abila Quilted Biker Jacket

Originally retailing for around $625-$700 something in US dollars, there are now a few sites I've found offering this baby up on sale. We'll see if I pull the trigger in the next few days weeks! ;)

Even if I've found my perfect contender, we can still cry over the fact that this gorgeous Rika Chris Jacket in Black/Burgundy is still available in my size... and is still a very unaffordable €400.00, marked down from €925.00. 

That's $507.88 in US dollars, not including tax, shipping, or import duties, in case you were wondering and/or commiserating with me.

Now, you may think $500 seems about standard for a nice European-made leather jacket by a designer brand, handmade of good quality lambs leather and dyed with vegetal dyes. (And Sarah, you may be thinking, you just said you were considering purchasing the Muubaa Abila, which is around the same cost...) 
Well, let me differentiate. I love the burgundy contrast (burgundy elbow patches not shown) and the quilting, I really do. (The collarless silhouette I'm not too sure about, but that's a different story.) But ultimately, I don't think I can currently justify paying that much for a jacket I could only wear occasionally. This jacket seems to be more of a statement piece than a signature piece--it would steal the show whenever I wore it, which means I couldn't get away with wearing it on a daily or even weekly basis. I'm not bold enough to wear burgundy with every single outfit, and I don't think this style is quite as versatile as the Muubaa Abila, nor do I know whether the style would stand the test of time. Purchasing the Rika Chris would be a bit like buying the Acne Mape Leather Jacket in silver instead of black--eye-catching, for sure, alluring, certainly, but practical?

Not so much.


For anyone who'd like to mock my pain/share their wealth with me, the link is below.
Chris Rika Jacket €925.00 €400.00

For the vegan leather lovers out there, you're in luck! (First of all, because vegan leather is so much cheaper than real leather.) While on my quest, I stumbled across this gorgeous Ann Taylor number in the rich Winterberry hue. The styling is so classic, and the faux leather looks thick and warm and good quality--if it was black and real leather, it'd totally be a top pick. Of course, me being covetous and consumeristic, I still want this one as well. Anyway, I'll update soon on the size/fit/quality, as my kind and generous grandfather recently purchased this for me and it's waiting at home!

For a more classic shade, check out the BLANK NYC Faux Leather Jacket in Frankenstorm. 

As I've said before, I'm a big fan of [BLANKNYC]'s faux leather. So far, my experience has led me to believe it's good quality and realistically textured. 

Anyway, what do you guys think about leather jackets? Fall/winter staple or overrated outerwear?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review of [BLANKNYC]'s Leather Pants in Pussy Cat: Or, How I Became a Convert

Backstory: I was super excited to be selected for CollegeFashionista x Amazon's Back-to-School Denim Campaign! Not sure when it drops, but I was too psyched to wait. Here's a preview of one of my looks for the brand partnership:

We had the option to choose one pair of pants from Amazon's Must-Have Denim Shop. I chose the [BLANKNYC] Skinny Jean in Pussy Cat. 

Now, a bit more backstory (or the main story, it's all semantics): a few autumns ago, I had begun my search for the perfect skinny leather pants. My issue: leather pants, as one might expect, are expensive. Especially for someone who relies on the charity and goodwill of her parents and relatives.  They were not as enthused as I was about my search. 

However, I'd seen this pair mentioned over and over again as the best vegan leather alternative--five-star reviews abound on Shopbop, Bloomingdale's, Piperlime, the list is endless. I was, to be quite honest, a bit skeptical. How could fake leather live up to the real deal? (I'm sorry, animal rights activists, I really am, but my general opinion skews real leather>>>fake.) So, fast-forward a few years and here I am, faced with the same pair of pants I had been side-eyeing all those years ago.

Long story short, I took the plunge.


Supple, realistically textured, as comfortable as I expected real leather skinny pants to be (I had semi-low expectations, so the relative comfort was a nice surprise)... While they're technically vegan leather leggings due to their lack of front pockets, they do have faux back pockets, which I appreciate. Pocketless pants usually do not flatter the butt (even, I must admit, joggers, which I love).
These welt pockets are cute, and I think the pants overall are super flattering, versatile, and warm. So, my picky self is satisfied. My search is off (that is, until I get a higher paycheck--I want a machine washable pair of leather skinnies next).

Sunglasses | Nordstrom BP. Sashimi Anorak (similar here) | GAP Polka-Dot Cardigan | GAP Striped Baseball Tee | Urban Outfitters BDG Chambray Button-down | [BLANKNYC] Skinny Jean in Pussy Cat | Fjallraven Kanken | Vintage Ferragamo Flats

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CollegeFashionista Feature

Today, I woke up and was super happy to see this brought to my attention via a Tweet from @CFashionista. I clicked through and lo and behold! There I was, gracing the front page of CollegeFashionista. 

Being the vain narcissist and pessimist that I am, I was slightly surprised/bewildered to see this was the first outfit of mine they chose to feature. After all, I posted pictures like this:

And this: 

Which I thought looked much more fashion bloggy/street styling, but didn't receive so much as a blink of the eye or a word of praise. So, I guess it just goes to show that sweatshirts + dressy skirts = more relatable than floral dresses and polka dots...? Clearly, I have still not figured out their judgment system. (*Cough* Especially considering many of the featured articles aren't well-written in the least...)

/rant. Whatever, I won't complain. I'm thankful for even being on the front page. Anyway, go check out my featured article over at CollegeFashionista, and while you're there, feel free to check out my other articles!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seventeen x CollegeFashionista Feature!

Super excited and honored to be featured in an article on! Check out the full feature here.