Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review of [BLANKNYC]'s Leather Pants in Pussy Cat: Or, How I Became a Convert

Backstory: I was super excited to be selected for CollegeFashionista x Amazon's Back-to-School Denim Campaign! Not sure when it drops, but I was too psyched to wait. Here's a preview of one of my looks for the brand partnership:

We had the option to choose one pair of pants from Amazon's Must-Have Denim Shop. I chose the [BLANKNYC] Skinny Jean in Pussy Cat. 

Now, a bit more backstory (or the main story, it's all semantics): a few autumns ago, I had begun my search for the perfect skinny leather pants. My issue: leather pants, as one might expect, are expensive. Especially for someone who relies on the charity and goodwill of her parents and relatives.  They were not as enthused as I was about my search. 

However, I'd seen this pair mentioned over and over again as the best vegan leather alternative--five-star reviews abound on Shopbop, Bloomingdale's, Piperlime, the list is endless. I was, to be quite honest, a bit skeptical. How could fake leather live up to the real deal? (I'm sorry, animal rights activists, I really am, but my general opinion skews real leather>>>fake.) So, fast-forward a few years and here I am, faced with the same pair of pants I had been side-eyeing all those years ago.

Long story short, I took the plunge.


Supple, realistically textured, as comfortable as I expected real leather skinny pants to be (I had semi-low expectations, so the relative comfort was a nice surprise)... While they're technically vegan leather leggings due to their lack of front pockets, they do have faux back pockets, which I appreciate. Pocketless pants usually do not flatter the butt (even, I must admit, joggers, which I love).
These welt pockets are cute, and I think the pants overall are super flattering, versatile, and warm. So, my picky self is satisfied. My search is off (that is, until I get a higher paycheck--I want a machine washable pair of leather skinnies next).

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