Friday, June 21, 2013

Leather Love

Lately--and perhaps a tad incongruously, considering the summer heat--I've found myself craving a nice leather jacket. You know the kind: warm, heavy, with that heady lamb leather scent and classic enough detailing to last for years.

For only $1,500, the edgy Acne Mape Jacket could be yours. Of course, I wish it could be mine, but I do not happen to have a cool one-point-five grand burning a hole through my pocket.

Or you could really splurge on the Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket if you've been dousing pocket-burning sprees for awhile--this fire's about $5,645. Burn baby, burn.

The pièce de résistance... The Rika Chris Jacket in Black/Burgundy. Retailing for a pretty penny (or, more accurately, 123,885 pennies+shipping) it's definitely expensive but also absolutely gorgeous. Rika shows such attention to detail and adds just enough uniqueness to the Chris Jacket to stand out but not be overpowering.   

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