Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cruel Summer

The weather around here hasn't gotten the memo that it's almost summer. Today it was windy, overcast, and rather chilly (which makes sense, considering the aforementioned wind). I'd say it's cruel of nature, a crying shame, but then I wouldn't get to wear cozy outfits like this one. ^_^

Color corrected to fix the light. Believe me, it didn't look this vibrant out.

Right between the taking of this picture and the following one, my neighbors drove by and slowed as they passed. My friend's nana stared out the window at me, somewhat bewildered.
I surmise that I may or may not have been a topic of dinner conversation, if they had nothing better to talk about.  

Me feeling slightly abashed.
AJ Morgan Sunglasses-PLNDR | Once Again Watch-Swatch | Waffle Knit Sweater-Old Navy | Flowerlace Shorts-Madewell | Tights-Target | Legwarmers posturing as over the knee socks-Forever 21 | Steve Madden Troopa Boots-Nordstrom | Dooney & Bourke Nylon Crossbody Pouchette

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