Thursday, September 19, 2013

Falling for You

My boots have edged their way out of the closet, pumpkin spice beverages have returned to Starbucks, and I can almost smell the autumn chill in the air.

You know what that means.

Fall fashion has returned!

     I know they seem a little impractical (and maybe a tad sweaty), but I really want a pair of real leather skinny pants. Not leather look leggings, not coated or waxed cotton twill jeans. I want real leather that will last forever in a classic skinny jean style. Unfortunately, real leather pants (skinny or otherwise) tend to be way, way upwards of $200, and I don't even really want to spend that much.

     However, I did find one pair that seems (somewhat) reasonably priced: the Lucky Brand Charlie Skinny, which were originally $699 but are now on sale for $179.98 (marked down again since there's an additional 40% off for the next two days). The only caveat? This pair is red, instead of the preferred classic black. However, for such a great markdown, I may just consider them...

...Then again, what with sales tax and all the total will be about $200. What do you guys think? Do you like leather skinny pants, or do you think I've just succumbed to a bad bout of fall fashion fever?

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