Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheap Cheats: Varsity Jackets

When we visited Fashion Island a few weeks ago, we went into True Religion on a whim. I saw this awesome varsity jacket (shown below) and surreptitiously checked the price tag. I then let it drop, nodding casually lest the shopkeeper see the shock plastered across my face. $500?! I mean, I knew it would be expensive (let's be real, it's True Religion), but I didn't expect something that exorbitant. Even if it was a wool-polyamide blend with real leather trim.
I vowed to find a more reasonably priced varsity jacket, but preferably one that looked decent and somewhat similar. Then, when I was surfing the online boutiques, I came across one much more suited for my budget.
In fact, for almost $450 less, I'm willing to look past the lack of real leather and wool.

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  1. You can tell the difference easily, the one with high price is looking awesome and the one with less price is looking dull, i haven't touched them just telling you what i feel after having a look at them.


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