Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cheap Cheats: Stadium Jacket

Today we went shopping in downtown SF, which I totally recommend to anyone in the area. It's definitely one of my favorite places to shop, besides Santana Row and basically most Westfield Malls. Anyway, besides the usual (Nordstrom, Madewell, etc.) we went to Tiffany's, Gump's, the new Nespresso shop, and a bunch of other places. Random tangent: for any of you familiar with Gump's, am I the only one who finds the random Asian antique-feel in parts of the shop super weird? It's like a combination of some swanky department store and a Chinatown import emporium. Anyway, we got a lot of Christmas shopping done, so I'd count the day as being pretty successful (although I didn't get to visit my other usual faves: Anthropologie, Gap, etc. :( ). As I passed by the gorgeous Madewell denim and cords (on sale, some as low as $39.99!) whilst purchasing my Secret Santa gift, I noticed the gorgeous Stadium Jacket, which I've only been lusting over since like forever ago when I first spotted it in the catalog.

BUT A DIFFERENT PRICE IN STORE. It's only (hah, only) $199.99+additional 25% off there! That annoys me--the prices in the Madewell store are cheaper than the prices online, but their e-store sometimes has a greater variety of inventory, if not store accurate colors and sizes =__= I suppose that's somewhat standard for a lot of stores, but still. I mean, I'm grateful every time I go to the physical SF Madewell store, but I can't help but wish it was bigger. And closer. (My wallet[/my parents' funding of my wardrobe] may disagree.) 
Perhaps this can serve as a cheap replacement...for now. 

Liberty Spliced Biker Jacket-originally $49.95, now $30.00
But I reallyy want the Madewell version, so maybe not. :( Oh well, Christmas AND my birthday AND my graduation happen to be coming up (some sooner than others)... so we shall see. Hehrherhehhr. >:)

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