Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hold Your Horses!

So, I was surfing the web on my iPod during my block choir class (hey, it's an hour and a half, and I happen to be one of the only altos who actually sings, so cut me some slack) when I came across these beauties:

What was even more beautiful was the price: $9.95, reduced from $138! Never mind the fact that they actually had my size. After school, Quickly with friends, shower, and dinner, I convinced my mom to drive us to our nearest Anthro so we could find them.

Short version: WE FOUND THEM IN MY SIZE. I am now the proud owner of the above jeans. :D

Long version: Entering my local Anthro around fifteen minutes before closing, my mom and I fast-walked towards the sale room in the back. Much to my despair, I couldn’t find them in the sale section. My mother was far more prudent than I, and searched the sale rack near the dressing rooms. Et voila! She found them! Except—they didn’t have my size. They only had one 28 and a bunch of 29’s and 30’s. In other words, about 4-6 sizes too big (my size generally ranges from 24-26, or 00-2, depending on whether I want a skinny skinny fit or a more slouchy one). My mom told one of the Anthro girls that online it said there was limited availability of size 26. The girl said to search the sale section, in case someone put it back there. I was crestfallen. I had just come from the sale section; I knew there were none. Combing through the racks dejectedly once more, I searched for my size and admired the softness of the 100% cotton denim. Perhaps it could shrink to my size…? I sighed, and then wandered back to the sale room, where my suspicions were confirmed by my mom: no Holding Horses Patchwork Gable Boyfriend size 26 on the rack. All of a sudden, the Anthro sales associate popped out of the back room of the sale room with a pair of jeans in her hands. “Here, I found the size 26.” My mom thanked her elatedly and shooed me off to the dressing rooms. Final test: the fit. I pulled them on, and—perfection. They were a little oversized in the waist, it’s true, and a size 25 might’ve been better, but they were perfect for that comfy, slouchy boyfriend jean feel. My mom came in to see them, and then whisked us off to the cash register, where we bought the jeans for a whopping total of $10.71 and brought them home.

 The end.

In other news, I now have about 4 new pairs of jeans that I haven't worn yet. Not to mention the new pair of BB Dakota shorts, the matching laser cut tank, and the Alternative Apparel tank, all from Karmaloop. I know I shouldn't tag away from Twitter, but... #shoppingaddictproblems.

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  1. Hey there! love those jeans,so boyish yet chic!
    You're very lucky,girl!
    Check out our blog,please!



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