Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ashland Adventures

I went to Ashland this past weekend as a school-sponsored field trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We watched two fantastic plays, Comedy of Errors (set in 1920s Harlem!) and The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window (an intense emotional cathartic whirlwind!); did the whole thrifting scene; and had tons of fun exploring the little boutiques and eateries (I fully endorse Brother's Restaurant for breakfast--I enjoyed #19, a two-egg Omelette with Bacon, Red Potatoes, Fresh Garlic, and Jack Cheese, Hash Browns Fried in Butter, and a Housemade Apricot & Almond Scone, for $12. I also recommend Umi Sushi for delicious savory vegetable udon [$8]). Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure:

I attempted to take an artsy picture of my friend's Starbucks.

The most amazing vintage B Steel Leather Wingtip Mary Jane Kitten Heels.
They were reasonably priced so needless to say, I bought them, despite the slight tightness. 

Why yes, that is a vintage corduroy belted button-down culotte pant suit romper.
 I'll admit, for all its dated cheesiness, I totally regret not buying this Nancy Drew-reminiscent number.

The price tag on this dress read: "$18. Velour is why." 'Nuff said.

However, the dress instantly looked festival ready when paired with a pair of $20 quilted leather Nordstrom boots and a cropped acid washed gray jean jacket.

Too bad I'm too poor to spend my [parents'] hard-earned money on such trifling fancies. Even if those trifling fancies do look like psychedelic seventies' acid trips.

...And yes, I am aware my legs could use both tanning and toning.

Cute decor inspo at a chichi little boutique. It had Free People. It was expensive.

Expensive, ethereal vintage costume dresses in the basement of a place called Renaissance Rose.

Ashland is quaint and adorable. That is all.

I am an English major and I approve these messages.

Oh, you fancy huh?
The glorious Ashland Springs Hotel. My professor had her honeymoon here!

Me awkwardly posing. 
Insert Stitch sounds: H-h-hiii.

Hornbrook welcomes you.

Anyway, sorry for not posting regularly. Shameless plug time: If you'd like to keep up with my sage fashion musings weekly, check out my college fashion column here. To see the world through my rose-colored lenses (or Vscocam-filtered, as it may be) check out my Instagram here.

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